‘Somewhere to Disappear: Alec Soth’ screening at Tyneside Cinema


Ever wonder what it would be like to escape society and live your life in solitude?

Photographer and Curator Steven Philip Brown is seeking your support to screen acclaimed documentary ‘Somewhere to Disappear’ at the Tyneside Cinema.      Film-makers Laure Flammarion & Arnaud Uyttenhove followed internationally respected photographer Alec Soth across America in search of modern day hermits for his most recent photographic project, Broken Manual.   These individuals find peace in unaffected places of the country, whether it be a cabin in the mountains, a dark cave or in the expansive desert. Each chose to live in a different way. Did they deliberately make this choice? Do they regret it? What are they really looking for? Did they find it?

Sound interesting? If you would like to see the film on the big screen, then with your help we can make a premiere screening of this film possible in the North East. It would be a rare and unique opportunity to see Somewhere to Disappear on the big screen as it would be only one of two screening in the UK, the other taking place in London. All you need to do is donate £8, the ticket price for a seat at a private premiere screening at the Tyneside Cinema at 1PM on Sunday 22 January 2012.
To view the pitch at Crowdfunder click here and donate. All donations must be recieved by the 8th December 2011. If we do not reach the funding target, all donations will be refunded.

Visit the facebook event page here.
For more information on the film including the synopsis visit www.somewheretodisappearthefilm.com

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