Sigune Hamann – ‘In the name of’

Image: Sigune Hamann: ‘In the name of’, reproduced courtesy of the artist.

Exhibition Preview:
Sigune Hamann – ‘In the name of’
DLI Museum & Durham Art Gallery

Preview: Friday 12 July - 6.00pm
Exhibition open: Saturday 13 July to Sunday 6 October 2013

In the Name Of’ by Sigune Hamann opens with a preview on Friday 12 July at 6.00pm. The exhibition is in response to the showing of the Lindisfarne Gospels at Durham Cathedral and the process of the manuscript’s creation.  The project is commissioned in partnership with NEPN.

‘In the name of’ will encompass work that relates to journeys and transitions and the way we experience and interpret them. The exhibition of photographs and videos will include a 56 metre panoramic photograph taken at a street demonstration and a new series of portraits of pedestrians with the inscription ‘In the name of’ as posters and billboards installed in Durham City.

Sigune Hamann is an artist who deals with still and moving images. In photographs, videos, installations and online environments she explores the effects time and perception have on the construction of mental images. Her projects operate in the space between the still and the moving image: she experiments with images created through movement and explores narrative structures through panoramic film-strips.




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