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Reading Group: Wednesday 19th January @ Lit&Phil

We’ll be joined by artist Tim Brennan who will lead one of our walks later in the spring. Over the last decade Tim has developed an artistic methodology based on walking and conversation as art (which he refers to as the manoeuvre). His ongoing ‘manoeuvres’ include ‘Crusade’, which involved a walk from Jarrow in South Tyneside to the House of Commons in 1996, whilst  his 2006 exhibition ‘the North’ consisted of a constellation of objects and images which take us on a journey through northern England and Scotland to unpick ‘the idea of north’, to use historian Peter Davidson’s phrase. Since 2002, Tim has undertaken walks throughout northern Britain that expand upon his performance works. The two new bodies of work which have come out of ‘performing Northumbria’, respectively photographs and watercolours, explore the relationship between geography, personal memory, and social history (


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