Stephen Collins, untitled, found object-1, archival ink on cotton rag, 110x110cm framed.

Stephen Collins, Non Aliter
12 February – 27 March 2011, Preview 11 February 6-8pm.
Sandford Goudie Gallery, Customs House, South Shields

A celebration of the invisible, the forlorn and the abandoned. Using the found object as the focal point for his investigations and re-appropriating these objects through the use of digital technologies and simple installation constructs, Stephen engages with an audience through the very immediate notion of aesthetic beauty.  Beyond the first impression lies the inevitable question of the objects origin, its past existence and its purpose. The way in which we begin to attribute a formal narrative to the object drives much of the investigation. The democratic nature of the found object, its ability to transcend social, political and economic factors makes it the perfect tool to explore both individual and group notions of place, memory, belonging, ownership and empowerment.

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